Short Hystory and Main Activities of Spider-1 Ltd.

Spider-1 Ltd. is established in 2005 as a technical department of Elprom Energy Ltd. with main activity – projection, construction, maintenance and exploitation of Wind Power Plant „Topolitsa”. In 2006 the department starts working on the projection and realization of Pilot Project for Photovoltaic Power Plant “Topolitsa”, also property of Elprom Energy Ltd.

In 2007 the technical department is separated as an independent company – Spider-1 Ltd. – which founders are the two partners of Elprom Energy Ltd. Dima Marmarova and Zhivko Marmarov and the young RES specialist Dimitar Peshev.

The company offers the following services:

- professional projection and construction of wind power plants;
- exploitation and maintenance of wind power plants;
- professional projection and construction of photovoltaic power plants;
- exploitation and maintenance of photovoltaic power plants.

Main Partners in Spider-1 Ltd.

Main partners in Spider-1 Ltd. are people remarkable for their considerable commercial experience, financial success and business prosperity. Each one of them has created and manages companies which have already gained durable success and stable market positions in different spheres of economic life:

- Zhivko Marmarov - In 1990 he established Spider Ltd. which basic activity was concentrated on the field of electronics, video observation, communications, sequrity systems and fire alarm systems. From the beginning of its origin till the present moment the company flourishes and realizes significant economic and financial results and keeps constantly expanding the territorial borders of its activity. For the long years of existence Spider Ltd. has developed a wide branch offices net with subdivisions in many towns and smaller villages as nowadays the personnel of the company counts more than 350 people who serve more than 1500 business customers ( among which shop chains, big hotels, trade banks and others).

- Dima Marmarova - Onwer of a financial broker house "FS International" Ltd. operating since 1994. The company disposes of a branch offices net, realizing great money turnovers based on serving numerous corporative clients and banks. Within the freamework of the financial broker house some Western Union money transfer stations have been founded.

- Dimitar Peshev - a qualified specialist in RES sphere who is in possession of rich experience in projection and construction of power plants based on RES. Along with all professional technical qualifications gained by Mr. Peshev during his education, he keeps constantly developing his specialized knowledge and skills by:

- co-operation with P&J WINDPOWER ApS for distribution of wind generators;
- co-operation with Service fur regenerative Energieerzeugungsanlagen for maintenance of wind generators;
- participation in Deger Energie courses for distribution and installation of different models of single- and dual-axes tracker systems;
- participation in numerous other qualification courses and science conferences in Europe.